Brian Panebianco Quartersnacks Interview
Juan Algora "JURA" presents us Brian Panebianco.
Juan Algora "Jura:
   I met Brian Panebianco (Penny is how the Philly homies call him), not too many years back. First time I went to Love Park and surrounding areas, this guy on fat DC shoes and a vx camera with a crazy flash light connected to a backpack called my attention. I thought, who the hell is this skate rat?.

   For my surprise, he wasn't just a filmer, his skate level scared me. I started digging later into his sabotage videos and nowadays we are really good friends.

   I remember one night at Love, when two big guys, well dressed showed up. There wasn't too many skaters that night, when one of this guys sucker punched one of the skaters for no reason and then they started chasing us for a lot blocks away. We started getting paranoid for a while. If you wanna read more about this trapped in the 90's man, check this new Quarter Snacks interview. Click here

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Sabotage2 - Brian Panebianco

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