"Skateboarding is becoming jockish" Erik Ellington
A Tap favorite for sure, Erik Ellington takes a seat and talks PD tats, big spins, The Gav, hair cuts, bandannas and more...

The bigspin at Carlsbad was one of the bes memories from Erik Ellington. He said that he wish he can be that happy any trick he lande, but he only do when he isn´t filming.

"Now I see certain things that remind me of what I got away from to start skating," he says. "But, at the same time, there's so much on the opposite side of that that's good. The spirit of individuality has kind of been lost a little bit. Not lost—it's just covered up. And I think skating goes in cycles, like anything. And I think there's gonna come a time, soon, where we rebel against what's going on, and it will be the next cycle of what we do. I think as skateboarding, in general, we're relinquishing a lot of control over what is ours."

His son doesn´t skate, he drive cars and wants to be an architect.

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