If someone just doubt why Tom Penny is a legend
Tom Penny put this place on the map. He killed it back in the mid-'90s in one day: Frontside flip, switch ollie, nollie backside flip, switch flip, nollie 360 flip, Caballerial, switch frontside flip ... and he sealed the deal with the switch backside flip. Dyrdek said, "No one is ever going to skate it again." But the Chain to Bank is still going strong, and people are sessioning it on the regular. Tricks are being logged, like JT Aultz' kickflip over the chain to nose manual. Look out for the Harbor Police, old tourists, and four-by-four trucks pulling in with boat trailers. Bring a bag of tricks and leave the booger slides at home.

Also take a look at this 'French Fred' edit as a B-Side of some Tom's clip, just a bit more updated.