We went to Logroño's new skate plaza and this is what we get | PHOTOS
Last Wednesday we went to the new Logroño's skateplaza for a hole day session to see what they got there. Well designed and constructed park is what we found and here are some Adrian Rios photos of what we got.

Rafa Cort starting hard the morning with this flip over the piramid.

Some wax for this brand new ledges.

Borja Santiago - Fs Ollie.

Really nice done park.

Perfect ledges everywhere.

Those funny spots there too.

Nice crew went down.

Pablo García got ollies too.

Sebas García drops some jaws with this Bs Flip.

Rafa Cort - Fs Lipslide

Rafa Cort - Blunt Fs

Rafa Cort

Sebas García straight to the parking with this Bs 360 Indy.

Raul Molina 'Pitxu' want some tranny too.

Rafa getting some rat lunch at 5.

Sebas García - Fs Blunt

Raoni also get some clips at late afternnon.

Rafa Cort get the best way back to Madrid.

So if you want to go there, just check this map and get it.