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Style like this doesn't come around too often. Flo Mirtain has it all: tech, gnar, rad looking spots, smooth lines, solid trick selection... Everything. Holding it down for Lyon, France, Flo hit the streets of Europe hard for this awesome part to celebrate his new DVS x Cliché collab shoe and board. Watch this with your board nearby — it's definitely gonna make you want to skate. C'est bon!
fakie ollie : Sean Sheffey ('90) Heelflip: Clyde Singleton (96) Frontside Heelflip: Clyde Singleton 96 Switch Kickflip: Keenan Milton 96 nollie frontside heelflip: Chris Franzen 00 Nollie Pop Shove it: Gino Perez 2000 Switch frontside pop shove it: Chris Franzen 01 Switch frontside heel flip: Brian Hoard 01 Nollie inward heelflip: Brian Hoard 01 Switch Heelflip: Stevie Willians 03 360 flip: Andrew Brophy 10 Backside 360: Torey Pudwill 11 Hardflip: Torey Pudwill 11 Switch frontside kick flip: Brian Herman 11 Frontside pop shove it: Alex Olson 12 Frontside 360: Alex Olson 12 Ollie body varial: Alex Olson 12 No comply: Kevin Terpening 12 Impossible: Dylan Rieder 12 Double flip: Jimmy Carlin 13 Nollie backside heelflip: Brandon Biebel 13 Switch backside kick flip: Dylan Rieder 13 Switch backside heelflip: Dylan Rieder 13 Fakie heelflip: Oscar Rambao 14