DVS SPAIN | Sergio Muñoz en ´Les Corts´
Sergio Muñoz gives us a friendly reminder about the stops of the DVS U.S. team in Barcelona. He also takes some time to test the Les Corts park, watch the whole clip to see an unexpected ending... #allingoodfun #dvsskateboarding #indusnow
22 julio: Demo, Les Corts Skatepark. 17:00
23 julio: Firmas, demo y regalos en Rufus Skateshop. 17:00, Bowl session & fiesta en el Bar Nevermind, 22:00.
24 julio: Filmación y shooting en diferentes spots de Barcelona.

DVS SPAIN | Sergio Muñoz en ´Les Corts´ from Indusnow Distribution. on Vimeo.