The winner is : Russell Houghten
REDirect started as 12 filmmakers. But as you’ve probably noticed, that number dropped down to 11 a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t some crazy conspiracy to kick anyone out, and we weren’t trying to sweep it under the rug and secretly cover things up in any way. Simply put: Sometimes ideas evolve and outgrow their original platforms. All our REDirect filmers got 8 weeks to film and another week to edit. Federico Vitetta decided to pull his project from REDirect and keep working on it. We’re screening all the films tonight at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on a proper 4K projector with RED, The Berrics, all the REDirect filmmakers, and special guests in attendance. While it’s not officially part of REDirect, we’ll also be screening Feds’ project. And in the coming months, you’ll be seeing it here online too. But for now, Feds has this to say…