Jeremy Wray Water Tower Ollie
Thursday: Jeremy Wray recounts the Top 5 things that were going through his head when he ollied the waters towers years ago. That was some ill shit.
But later you were unbanned from Thrasher after you did the water tower ollie?
I guess the photographer, Daniel Harold Sturt, was also banned from Thrasher for reasons unknown to me. Sturt had the water tower photos of me and photos of Danny Way jumping out of the helicopter the first time. Transworld was covering Danny’s shoot, so Sturt snuck in, shot the photos without ever being seen, and talked to Thrasher about running his photos and beating Transworld to the punch. My photo jumping the water towers was all part of that deal too. I believe it’s all in the same issue. But the Water Tower cover photo lifted both of our bans for good.