Ryan Sheckler Pro Spotlight
Ryan Sheckler Pro Spotlight in Transworld
I know the big rumored one—not sure if you want to talk about it or not—but I know the El Toro backside flip still gets brought up.
[laughs] Yeah. I mean, it gets brought up a bunch. I’ve had a few tries at it and gone for it. It’s one of those things that’s like, “We’ll see.” I’ve got two weeks left, so we’ll see what happens.

You’re still dedicated to it? I think by the time people read this they’ll have seen the video. But that’s rad that you’re still going to go for it.
It’s one of those tricks that is just like… it’s fucking kicking my ass.

How many times have you gone there?
I’ve gone and tried it twice. I landed on it and exploded, ripped my asshole open, bent my truck—fucked that shit up. But it’s more of a mental battle for me. It will be done. One hundred percent sure—it will be done. I gotta just do it.

Is it almost like a burden at this point? You kind of claimed it. Or is it just a personal goal to conquer it?
It’s more personal. I don’t really care if… I’m not doing it for anybody else. It’s for myself. I’ve tried it. I’ve gotten defeated on it and I just want to tackle it. I know I can do it, though. That’s the thing.


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