Zered Bassett: The One Star World Tour
Starting in June 2015 the CONS Skate Team will be visiting Madrid, hang and promote the new Converse CONS One Star Pro.

Madrid Tour

19 Julio – 17:00, Welcome Firmas y regalos

19 Julio – 18:30, Tetuan Demo

Converse One Star World Tour

I grew up in Cape Cod in the town of Chatham, MA.

Expedition One, Red Bull, Tensor, Bones, Spitfire, Hombre, Converse CONS.

First skateboard:
My first board was an old banana board my grandfather got at the dump.

What gets you hyped to skate?
Skateboarding gets me hyped to skate. Good vibes and good people.

What inspires you?
Skating new spots inspires me.

What is your favorite place?
New York City.

What’s your favorite sneaker?
The new Weapon Skate Ox.

Zered Bassett in Outliers

Zered Bassett in Expedition's

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