Offcuts Julian Davidson
Night missions are rad for the obvious reasons, everything is closed so it makes trespassing that much easier and while most people are at home sleeping, you can get free reign on stuff that you’d never last at during the afternoon. You can take your time and actually skate. While filming for Perpetual Motion Julian and I did a lot of our filming together at night. Most nights we would meet up around 8 or 9 and head out, usually meeting up with Oliver Barton at the first spot. This edit consists of a lot of those nights around LA and Orange County, as well as the night missions we had on our final filming trip to Miami a few weeks before the Perpetual Motion premiere with Jon Holland and the whole video crew. Julian, lets get some more night missions in again soon!—Chris Thiessen Read more at http://skateboarding.transworld.net/videos/offcuts-julian-davidson/#Y8WrbQHV1rJdjH34.99