Vans Shop Riot Hoy Domingo final por equipos
This weekend in the "La Chopera". One of the favourite stops of the series has been ‘La Chopera’ skatepark. Competition was fierce on and off the board with a tug of war battle and art showcased through recycled skateboards, all taking place on the day in Madrid. Fittingly, this becomes the battleground for the finals, and as such we will bear witness to teams from Tel Aviv to Kracków thrashing it out in what's set to be an awesome end to another hotly contested.

Estos son los horarios:
Vans Shop Riot Livestream Schedule: All times CET Saturday 19th September
14:50: Livestream Starts
15:00: Best Trick Session – Obstacle 1
15:35: Best Trick Session – Obstacle 2
16:10: Best Trick Session – Obstacle 3
17:10: Best Trick Results & Prize Giving
17:35: Close

Sunday 20th September
11:50: Livestream Starts
12:00: Heat 1, Run 1
12:20: Heat 2, Run 1
12:42: Heat 3, Run 1
13:05: Heat 1, Run 2
13:42: Heat 2, Run 2
14:02: Heat 3, Run 2
14:44: Shop Vs Shop: Knockouts
15:25: Super Final
15:50: Prize Giving
16:05: Close