Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Barcelona
Last weekend last stop of Volcom's Wild In The Parks european tour was held in Barcelona. Known as The Skateboarding capital, it was not strange that riders from all over world showed up at Mollet del Vallés Skatepark: skaters from Brazil, Panama, France, UK, Russia, Norway, US, Portugal and Germany showed up. 120 contestants between all the categories skated under a clear sky. The Best kid from the 10 and under division was Iker Puerta who skated solid and fast. Some girls killed it aswell like the young Daniela Terol and Paula Fiores who jumped over the stairs with a stylish Boneless. The 14 and under division saw some serious action; Lorenzo Palumber took the first place with a perfect treflip on zone 2. The podium of the 15-21 division was entirely made of foreigners except Peque who got a deserved 5th place. WITP regulars Norwegians Oyvind Svensen and Gabriel Bjorsvik took respectively 1st and 2nd position. With Anthony Renaud, they are the 3 qualified for the Champs at the Berrics in that division. The great show came with the Open category. Cristian Delgado was killing it but he injured his knee. Get well soon man. Guys like Christian Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García or Adri Ryzhov entered the final with their bags of tricks. Pedro Sanchez did several times a nollie hard flip big spin in zone 3, Christian Casimiro did some solid bs 360 ollies, Pol Catena skated fast as hell and Diego Cano destroyed the rail. But in the end Cristian Estrada from Madrid got the first place, 600€ and the flight ticket to LA right after landing a huge bs flip to flat in zone 2 for his last try which was the apotheosis of the constest. Thanks to JART Skateboards for the goodies, Mollet del Valles city council, and everyone who shoed up to share a great skateboarding day.


BEST KID 10 -: Iker Puerta
BEST GIRL: Paula Fiores

Lorenzo Palumber
Adrian Delgado
Oscar Spear
Duncan Pozza
Fausto Diaz

15 -21:
Oyvind Svensen
Gabriel Bjorsvik
Anthony Renaud
Acram Majidi


Cristian Estrada – 600 € - Viaje a USA
Diego Cano – 250 €
Pol Catena – 150 €
Pedro Sánchez
Christian Casimiro