Dwindle Boards - Enjoi Skateboards Jose Rojo Pandartist Series

Text and Photography by Adrian Rios

Enjoi bring us this new board series with RESIN-7 technogoly. These boards has a canadian maple construction glued with EPOXY resin. This series, from the Pandartist by Jeremy Wray, are a six graphic boards for Zack Wallin, Jose Rojo, Jeremy Wray, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry y Clark Hassler.

The series comes from Pandartist, an Enjoi project where they give totally freedom to some artists to create new graphics. A complete line with the same idea and its variations, ever for the graphic or the different sizes of the board.

In this case, Enjoi rider Jeremy Wray design the boards. This skater has been doing graphic for ages. He start doing graphic for himself, from black decks or riping the logos before he paint his art over it. You can see an edit from Enjoi where they explain his history and board series by clicking here.

For this review, we took Jose Rojo Pro Model. This board is 8.1' with a mellow convace.

Jose Rojo is a mexican roots skater born and raised in California. He also skates for Nike Sb, Royal trucks, OJ Wheels, Bones Wheels and some other companies. He is well known by a smooth operator on board, best push in the game, always on the game and never ending career.

He just put this full part in Thrasher with that caracteristic, smooth and unique style, followed by a nice bag of tricks. Really nice part, so fun to watch. We love to see Jose Rojo on board.'Enjoi'!

This Enjoi boards construction cames along with Dwindle Distribution. Both technology or construction RESIN-7 and all other from this distribution, are backed by years of experience in the sector and tons of test to find the best product.

Now you know how delicious those Enjoi boards are, you just have to go and check yourself. Find your size, shape and get some. Go to your local skateshop and ask for them!